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We strive to offer the highest quality, premium protein supplements for individuals that want to attain their ideal body composition as efficiently as possible.
*requires the right combination of diet and exercise

CLEVER is for those who want to enjoy life, make everyone around you happy and live a healthy lifestyle.
We help busy professionals such as models, actors, soccer players, baseball players, swimmers, fitness trainers, runners and even rock climbers build the physique of their dreams.

The ultimate way for men and women to optimize function and performance to achieve their personal goals, CLEVER is designed to build the utmost resilience for overcoming daily challenges and obstacles. We aim to deliver the highest possible quality through the purest and simplest ingredients.

CLEVER will become your daily essential to create the fastest and shortest path to take to reach your physical potential.

Deliciously flavored to enjoy everyday, we develop a pure and reliable formulation made only with the best raw materials.
We have been engaged and committed to research and development for the pursuit of seeing everyone achieve their health goals and fulfill their potential.

'Pure Protein' is the first stage of our journey.
The brand name CLEVER conveys our values, expertise and mission.

WHAT IS WPI (Whey Protein Isolate)?

Our high-quality proteins are derived through purification and ultrafiltration of whey
proteins, an extremely rare and precious component found only in 0.7% of milk.

Through proprietary ultra/micro filtration methods, CLEVER contains extremely high levels of protein and lower levels of fats and carbohydrates.

WPI powder is highly water soluble and a rich source of amino acids,
specifically BCAA’s, giving you essential benefits after exercise and fitness.

Proprietary Ultra/Micro Filtration Method HIGH PROTEIN, LOW-CARB AND LOW-FAT POWDER* *in comparison with raw material suppliers